Full-stack Web Developer

I am a Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel, Jekyll, PHP/MySQL developer. I've been building websites since the early 2000s. I build sites for actors, artists, bands, designers, municipalities, non-profits, musicians, ecotourism destinations, breweries and more.


  • Responsive Designs/Theming
  • ADA Compliancy
  • Clean code
  • Loading/Speed Optimization
  • Great Communication
  • Succint at Web-to-Human Translations
  • Quick Turn-around time
  • Industry Standard Tools
  • Large and Small Jobs
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Flexible Billing


  • Ecommerce Sites
    • Shopify, Drupal, Wordpress
    • Custom
  • PayPal/Stripe/Auth.net Payment Gateway Systems
  • Portfolio Sites
  • Web Hosting
  • Maps API Integration
  • Mailchimp/mailing list forms
  • Wordpress
    • Theming, Plugin Development, Woocommerce
  • Drupal
    • Theming, Module Development, Commerce
  • Squarespace

Recent Work


Languages, Scripts, Compilers


  • Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Frameworks & Content Management

Version Control

Precompilers/Task Runners